2023 ANZAC Day

Farrer has many traditions, but perhaps the oldest and most respected is participating in the Tamworth ANZAC Day March. Our last Anzac March was in 2019 and it is important that we reignite the tradition and have the whole school come together on the 25th April. There is an expectation that all our boys will participate if they are able. If your son is hesitant, please strongly encourage him to attend – it is a proud day for our country and for Farrer.

Boarders may travel back to school on the bus on Monday 24th April, or simply attend with their parents on the day. We recognise that some families have a strong connection with their local ANZAC Day Ceremony. If this is the case, we encourage the boys to continue to participate in their local ANZAC Day activities. 

Please find below a list of details and uniform requirements. Hopefully, with parental encouragement, we will have a large contingent of students at this year’s ANZAC Day march to make our Veterans and Farrer family proud.

Tamworth ANZAC Day March - Tuesday 25th April

Where: Assemble at the top of Bourke Street (between Marius and Peel St). A roll will be marked for each Year group.

When: 9.30am (The march is usually over by 11am)

Dress: Greys with Akubra (no Farrer Caps or Bucket Hats). Year 12 students should wear their blazer, all other students in white shirts buttoned at the wrist. Jackets/Jumpers will not be required. Please ensure students are wearing a belt, black or grey socks, have polished their shoes, and ensure their hair is an acceptable length and well groomed, older boys should ensure they are clean-shaven.

Collection: Students can be collected from No 1 Oval on Kable Avenue at the conclusion of the march or catch the Farrer bus back to school.

If your son participates in the ANZAC Day March in another town, please ensure he wears his greys and Akubra. In addition, please send a photograph to include in our promotional articles and he will be acknowledged with a Community Service Award for his efforts. Please forward any photos to teresa.eather@det.nsw.edu.au (ensure names and locations are included).

Dawn Service (Optional)

Assemble at the ANZAC Gates in Anzac Park at 5.30am. Staff will meet you there.
Dress as above, but Akubra is not necessary.

For your interest, our Dayboy Vice-Captain, Nick Mead gave the following speech to our students at an assembly with the linked slide show. Each heading below indicates a new slide.

Good morning boys, today I will be giving an overview of the history, tradition, and importance of marching and ANZAC Day.


On the 25th of April 1915, the ANZACs were outnumbered, outgunned and out of luck. However, through grit, courage and honour their sacrifice was carved into history and the ANZAC Spirit was born. A sacrifice that demands our respect, commemoration, and appreciation. 

 On the same day in the following year of 1916 the gratitude towards those brave soldiers was demonstrated with a series of marches from injured soldiers and nurses across London, Australia, and New Zealand. 

 As they marched the streets, they reminded the populations back home of the confronting reality of their sacrifice and it marked a day whereby everyone could appreciate and recognise the losses that were endured, bravery that was required and freedom for which they fought.

In the next decade marches were firmly established in ANZAC culture and was formally marked a public holiday in 1927. As years progressed, marches were opened to the public as a way for people to visibly show their respect and participate in a tribute to the fallen. They also allow us to take a moment to think and appreciate the country we take for granted every day and those many men and women who courageously fought for it.


Many years after the establishment of ANZAC day, Farrer was founded in 1939 which was the same year WW2 started. As a result, many of the first ever Farrer boys, a few years later had finished or left school early and found themselves in the atrocities of warfare. That could be me, you or the mate you're sitting next to fighting for their life as young as 15.

Would you march for the mate next to you? We are extremely lucky to not live in the reality of those tragic stories, however it does not mean we don’t continue to care and show our greatest respect.

Since the early days of Farrer, we have marched to a high standard. When we march with passion, we demonstrate that the same qualities of a Farrer Gentlemen are similar to what was shown by the ANZACs that helped form this great country: selflessness and mateship. 

Why we keep it running.

This year is more important than ever as only the Year 12s and 11s have experienced an ANZAC day march before. Therefore, Farrer may not have the standard of marching that we have in the past. However, It is crucial that we all try to maintain this high standard of marching.

By putting the effort into marching well, we are not only showing the public that we care, appreciate, and honour the thousands of men and women who had the courage to ensure our safety, and hopefully inspiring them to do the same, but also reminding ourselves of the significance and gratitude we all feel towards ANZACs. 


At ANZAC day everyone will be well presented in their greys and Akubra. However, if you have the opportunity, I encourage you to wear medals that have been passed down in your family. Wear them with pride and pass on the message of your family friend or family members' sacrifice. If you're not going to wear it, who will?


I completely understand if many boarders are unable to come to Tamworth on the 25th, however, you still can represent the school and extend your gratitude. It is highly encouraged that many students participate in their local marches.

Final words / what am I asking you to do.

Here are my final words. We only have a few more weeks to practise so let’s try our hardest, there’s no point in making a half effort if we're going to be marching for 15 minutes. 

 If we're going to do it, let’s do it properly.

When you march, think about what it means to Farrer, and what it means to others. 

I encourage everyone to come to ANZAC day, as while you are still at school you are given the opportunity for one day a year to publicly show your respects for those that made the ultimate sacrifice. Don’t waste the opportunity.

And lastly, be proud to walk in the footsteps of the heroes of our great country.

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