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It is through the study of English, the compulsory subject for Years 7-12, that Farrer students are provided with the opportunity to read, engage and consider the ways that literature shapes our understanding of ourselves and our world. In their reading of poetry, plays, fiction, non-fiction and film, our students appreciate the power of language and the role of the writer in the depiction of the lives and experiences of others which in turn, enhances their ability to relate to and empathise with others. The reading of literature in its many forms, provides our students with food for thought that enables growth culturally, intellectually and emotionally.

The faculty mission statement

The Farrer English faculty strive to create supportive and challenging learning environments, drawing upon the collective experience and expertise of staff who are both dedicated and innovative in the design, implementation and delivery of content. The collaborative nature of the team provides a strong support for staff and students who wish to deepen their appreciation of literature in a setting that fosters critical thinking, the sharing of perspectives and promotion of a student centred learning culture.

The English faculty curriculum

Our staff provide a differentiated curriculum which is crafted to meet the needs of our students, while providing avenues for creative and critical expression and development. In Stages 4 and 5 our teaching programs reflect the latest pedagogical developments, with praxis guided by the school wide Writing Initiative, the University of Newcastle Quality Teaching Academy and data based, research-in-action models. In Stage 6,  the English faculty offers courses to cater for the individual interests and aims of each student, with course selection aimed to develop each student's proficiency and ability to become confident communicators and critical thinkers.

In Year 11 and 12, the study of two units of English is mandatory. Students may choose from English Studies, English Standard or Advanced. In addition, English Extension 1 is offered in Year 11, with the opportunity to complete a Major Work in Year 12 as an Extension 2 candidate. 

The English faculty extracurricular activities

Extra curricular activities that are offered  include participation in the Premier’s Debating Challenge, regional debating competitions, Statewide public speaking tournaments, international and local writing competitions and the editing and production of the school newspaper, The Chronicle. 

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