Support For Boarders

Boarders are provided with a structured environment that supports their academic performance and a range of activities that provide organised study, sporting and social experiences. These include tutorial groups instructed by trained staff and small senior tutorial groups to specifically target and enhance the HSC performance of students.

All boarders are provided with after-hour opportunities to work within the Industrial Arts area of the school and the library for personal study time during the afternoons/evenings and on weekends. The modern boarding facilities are designed to provide increasing levels of privacy as the boys become more independent.

Deputy Principal Residential

Mr David Gale holds the demanding role of Deputy Principal Residential, which requires commitment 24/7 to manage the daily  operations of the Boarding House and to ensure the safety and wellbeing of boarders. He is responsible for setting a positive tone and best management practices within the boarding school.
Mr Gale supervises the complex daily schedule for boarders, including meal times, laundry, tutoring, sporting and  recreational activities, to ensure all runs smoothly seven days a week. Mr Gale is always available to talk to parents.

Head Teachers Wellbeing and Year Coordinators

Head Teachers are responsible for all wellbeing-oriented programs within the boarding and day school and provide leadership for Year Coordinators and the Wellbeing Team.

Year Coordinators are a focal part of the school’s welfare network and regarded as a “parent proxy” for students, in particular our boarding students.
To support our boarders, a combination of teachers and year coordinators live within Farrer's school grounds.

The school has a clearly defined participation and reward framework known as the Colour Level System. Boarders are rewarded for their positive attitude in the school community, and are encouraged to become good all-round citizens. 

Farrer has two Head Teachers allocated to Student Wellbeing, and they are responsible for all wellbeing programs within the boarding and day school.

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