Farrer Aboriginal Program

Thank you to Ms Kel Klepzig for her hard work in providing an amazing and diverse Aboriginal program for our students. Here are some highlights for this term so far...

Over the past two weeks, Year 7 students have been outside enjoying being on Country with Jolene from the Tamworth Opportunity Hub. The boys spent time practicing “dadirri” (deep listening) hearing; smelling; seeing and feeling the connection with Country. The leaves in the centre of the Yarning Circle are designed by each of the boys and signifies they are all as one; family.

Year 8 students are learning Gomeroi Language with Reuben from the AECG’s Language Nest. The boys have picked up this way of learning language very quickly and are enthusiastic each and every week.

After starting to learn Gomeroi last year, the Year 9 boys are back with more words, and each picture is now telling a story. This boys are embracing the language and are very keen for more.

Our small group of Year 10 students have begun their Didgeridoo workshop at Joblink Plus with Rob this year. They are near finishing off their Didgeridoos. At the start of next term, they will learn to play them under the instruction of Uncle Mark Atkins.

The Year 11 boys are creating some art on canvases with paint pens while having a yarn with Casey, Matt and Latrell during their weekly mentoring sessions. The boys have also began the Pirru Thangkuray program with Ash from the AECG.

Year 12 have begun designing and burning art work onto Kangaroo skins during mentoring with Casey and Matt. They have spent some time yarning about all things footy, basketball, getting their P’s and life in general. The boys are now into their second year of the Pirru Thankuray program with Ash and have been working hard on submitting their assessments whilst learning about their Culture. ~ Ms Kel Klepzig - Aboriginal Support Officer

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