Farrer Rugby New Zealand Tour Part 2

Started off with scenic sightseeing and a visit to the thermal “Hot” Springs, which if you compare it to the 0 degrees it was outside were lukewarm at best.

The boys experienced some Māori culture when visiting the Mitai Māori village and were lucky enough to see some of their customs and traditions. This was an amazing experience and certainly a highlight of the tour.

Day 6 we toured Te Puia Park and saw the geothermal geysers and kiwi bird enclosure. That afternoon we played a tough game against John Paul College in the pouring rain and mud.

John Paul fired up with an intimidating Haka which the boys were honoured to witness. The game was extremely physical and ended with a loss 12-7.

The boys all made some great new mates from John Paul and even had some of them strap on the green and gold for the game.

Everyone was very quiet and tired on the way home but we’ve had an amazing tour and definitely made some incredible memories.

A huge thank you to Julie Mathews who did an extraordinary amount of admin to make sure this tour went ahead. To all the parents for being willing to assist and organise very last minute. To Mr Gallagher for his support of the event and of course, a huge thank you to Kym Hagon for giving up a week of his time to coach and provide this opportunity.

Mr Gareth Garnsey Coach First XV Rugby

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