Inter-School Horse Extravaganza

The Inter-School Horse Extravaganza (ISHE) took place at the AELEC in Tamworth from the 13th to 16th of October. It is a massive event with over 700 horses entered. Many volunteers are required to help the event run.

Three teams of Farrer Boys accompanied by Mr Heitmeyer drove in to help the ISHE Dressage Committee with the set up and pack up of the dressage arenas for the event. On Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning, the boys measured, marked and constructed the arenas under the guidance of Susie Herbert, the head of the ISHE Dressage Committee. On Sunday, the boys joined in the dismantling and packdown process.

The ISHE Dressage Committee were very grateful for the effort from the Farrer Boys both this year and last year and have generously donated two $1000 cheques to the school to contribute towards something that the boys can enjoy.

The donations have led to the purchase and implementation of a successful table tennis program in the school. The school will also be able to use the donation to upgrade the resources available to the chess team and chess club, and to contribute towards the SRC sports shed which provides sporting equipment for student use during lunchtimes. A new SRC initiative to help students adjust to the new mobile phone rules.

A big thankyou to all involved.

Wednesday Team
Will Hamel
Zac Clifford
Cody Simpson
Liam Hawley
Jack Rees
Connor Shepherd
Macarthur Bettington
Mr Heitmeyer

Thursday Team
Peter Shinner
Jethro Sullivan
Rafay Khurram
Patrick McKellar
Will Manchee
Fletcher Young
Freddie Blowes
Oli Belson
Will Clarke
Heath Collins
Chase Hanlen
Lachlan Mason
Mr Heitmeyer

Sunday Team
Jack Rees
Henry McIntyre
Jack Lowick
Will Yeo
Mr Heitmeyer

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