Year 12's Gift To The School

Farrer Year 12 students took time to enjoy the gift they presented to school after their first HSC exam today.
"Yr 12 has raised money through the collection and sale of firewood.... the Class of 2022 visited Brewongle and other family farms to jump on the end of a wood splitter, putting in a little bit of elbow grease to collect firewood which could then be sold to the wider community. Several lumberjack weekends were organised by our firewood committee led by Hugh Shadwell and Lachlan Anderson. Despite the inconvenient early Sunday morning starts, cold fingers and scratched legs due to a lack of jeans, the boys continued to turn up time after time to help cut, split and then transport the wood to Nemingha auctions where it could then be sold.
As per anything that occurs within this exceptional school, the Class of 2022 has received relentless support from all the amazing people here at Farrer. We recognise that our years here have been made remarkable at the expense of your persistent hard work and support. This was only exemplified during our fundraising campaign; we owe great thanks to Dane Pennell, Tristan Jones, Rory Marshman, Sam Burges and the many Fathers and Grandfathers who donated their time, experience and equipment to the cause. The tremendous efforts of these individuals in union with our year group have managed to raise approximately $21,000..... Our year group had established three key goals for the year gone by - Lead by example, Raise Awareness and Get around it. In our ambition to embed these goals within school culture, the year group has elected to install steel chairs along the top step of the concrete grandstand overlooking number one oval.....The chairs will be reserved for the Students of Year 12 when spectating sporting events. Being placed upon the top step they will symbolise the ideals of leading by example. Junior students below will look up to the chants and cheers of fellow Farrer Rangers echoing from behind, promoting the support and encouragement of our teams in a spirit of sportsmanship and mateship." ~ Excerpts from Year 12 Assembly Vote of Thanks by Vice Captain Day; Luke Gentle.

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