Sports Houses

Farrer students compete against each other in Sports House teams in various events including the Swimming Carnival, the Cross-Country and the Athletics Carnival. See the Honour Roll for House Champions here.

The story behind each House is explained below.


Vincit Omnia Industria - “Hard Work Conquers All”

Peel Crest

The Bee: is an emblem of skill, perseverance and industry. “B” also stands for Blackburn; and further, as the Peel family sprang from this neighbourhood and bears a bee in flight on its shield, the idea naturally suggests itself that Sir Robert Peel had adopted the Blackburn bee.

The Wheat: is in relation to British Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel (to which the Peel Valley, and Peel River etc are named) repealing the Corn Laws, which were tariffs and trade restrictions placed on imported grain in the UK. These laws were designed to keep grain prices high to favour domestic producers, and represented British mercantilism. 

The impact of the Irish Potato Famine forced changes to the laws, and it is suggested that the repeal of the Corn Laws was a decisive shift towards free trade in Britain… Or plentifulness, and achievement of hope.


Filii Terrae Nil Arduum - “Nothing Difficult for Sons of the Land”

Macarthur Crest

To acknowledge John Macarthur, who pioneered Australia's booming Merino wool industry

Order of St. John: Chivalry, Justice, Honour

Rams Head: In Heraldry, represents Honour, Authority, Leadership


Unitas Omnia Vincit - “Unity Conquers All”

Parkes Crest

Named for Henry Parkes, the Father of Federation, for his leadership in advancing the cause of nationhood. His ‘Tenterfield Speech’ added flame to the fire of Federation, outlining the way in which a united Australia will operate, reducing the apathetic fever and enhancing the momentum to the cause.

Federation Star: The Commonwealth Star is a seven-pointed star symbolising the unity of Australia through Federation which came into force on 1 January 1901. Six points of the Star represent the six original states of the Commonwealth of Australia, while the seventh point represents the territories and any other future states of Australia.

Southern Cross: due to it being one of the most visible constellations in the southern hemisphere

Lion: Deathless courage and valiant warrior

Fleur-de-lys: symbolising purity


Semper Invenitis Numquam Oblivescetis - “Always Discover, Never Forget”
Oxley Crest

The Anchor:
in heraldry can represent salvation and hope. 

To acknowledge John Oxley and his 'anchor’ as a reminder of European settlement in the region… as with ‘the Explorer’ 

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