2.14 School Manual: Drug Related Incidences

Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School manages Drugs in Schools in accordance with the Dept of Education Drugs in School Policy.
Local procedures also apply (see below).

The possession, use and distribution of illicit drugs and the misuse of legal drugs, are not acceptable in NSW schools. The Principal will impose a suspension for possession or use of suspected illegal substances. The following procedures apply;

2.14.1 Illicit Drugs (E.g. Cannabis, Hallucinogens, Heroin, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Amphetamine)
Students found in possession of illicit drugs, or representing a substance as an illicit substance at school, will be suspended (in extreme circumstances the principal may expel a student from school). Parents/caregivers and the police will be notified immediately. All students who have been suspended from school for illicit drug matters are required to participate in an intervention program to help them change their drug related behaviours. Agreement to participate in a school based or outside agency program is part of the resolution of the suspension. 

2.14.2 Misuse of Legal Drugs (E.g. Alcohol, Tobacco, Inhalants, Analgesics, Prescribed Medication)
When a student is misusing a legal drug the Principal will notify the student’s parents/caregivers and apply discipline strategies appropriate to the circumstances of the student and the incident.  Strategies might include disciplinary measures such as suspension and loss of colour level privileges, or wellbeing support in the form of counselling or an intervention program. 

2.14.3 Alcohol 
Alcohol is prohibited in schools and therefore it is not to be consumed or brought to school premises. Students who possess, consume, distribute or supply alcohol will be suspended from school. 

2.14.4 Tobacco 
Smoking at school is totally prohibited. The sale of tobacco to people under 18 and smoking on departmental premises are also illegal. Students found smoking will be disciplined in accordance with the school's smoking/vaping policy

2.14.5 Inhalants 
Sniffing or inhaling fumes of volatile substances can cause serious harm, including suffocation and accidents due to disorientation. Students found inhaling inappropriate substances will be suspended from school.

2.14.6 Analgesics (Aspirin, Paracetamol, Anti-Inflammatories, Codeine) 
Analgesics are the most commonly used of all drugs. Students must have written permission from parents/caregivers to take analgesics (see Student Prescribed Medication Administration Authority form P.12 in the Form Bank). All medication is kept at and administered by the Health Centre. Students found in possession of drugs or medication, who do not have permission from the Health Centre, will be suspended from school.

2.14.7 Prescribed Medication (Tranquillisers – (Valium, Serepax), Steroids, Methadone, Ritalin, Dexamphetamine) 
The possession or use of prescribed restricted substances is illegal unless the student has a prescription in their name. Prescribed medications are to be presented to and supervised by the Health Centre (see Student Prescribed Medication Administration Authority form P.12 in the Form Bank). Students found in possession of medication, who do not have permission from the Health Centre, will be suspended from school.

Last updated October 2023.
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