6. School Manual: Excursions

Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School manages excursions in accordance with the local procedures below and the applicable NSW Department of Education Excursion policies. 

When planning excursions, Farrer staff take into account the educational benefits, health & safety aspects including risk management, transportation and accommodation needs, as well as the cost for parents.

6.1 ODAS (Out-Door Activity Scheme)

At Farrer, we view education holistically as the production of the "complete man" and as such, we encourage our students to challenge themselves both physically and mentally, helping develop inner strength and character.

As a consequence of this school philosophy, ODAS was developed in 1975. Since then, it has undergone considerable change and now consists of a series of activities culminating in a two-week ODAS program at the end of each year. ODAS relies heavily on teacher support and student participation is compulsory.

6.1.1 Aims

The aim of ODAS is to;

enrich students' educational experience so that diverse individual talents may flourish.
develop personal confidence through the provision of a range of experiences.
develop students' leadership and organising ability.
improve students' interpersonal relationships with adults and peers.
prepare students to make more effective use of leisure time.
develop an awareness, appreciation and respect for the natural environment.

6.1.2 Excursion Fees

ODAS are major excursions and incur a significant cost for parents/carers. Farrer acknowledges this and works to keep costs to a minimum. An indication of costs is provided as early as possible and parents can pay instalments throughout the year. All fees must be paid before departure.

See section 7.3 regarding Excursion Fees for ODAS. Parents encountering difficulties in paying for ODAS should make contact with the school at an early stage to discuss options.

6.1.3 Year 7 ODAS

The students participate in two main activities for ODAS. The ODAS journey commences with a tour to Sydney and visits are made to significant historical, cultural and sporting sites. This reinforces aspects of Geography and History.

The second week is a camp held over 4 days at Chaffey Dam where the students are introduced to camping, cooking, relatively easy bush walking and bush skills. Basic first aid training is also covered.

Many of the activities during both weeks foster group problem-solving, cohesiveness of the year and building individual strength.

6.1.4 Year 8 ODAS

The first week is the camp, which is held at Chaffey Dam, where many skills are introduced which extend bush craft and camping skills as well as a focus on a range of environmental aspects.

The second week involves a coastal tour to Coffs Harbour where many visits are made to sites where environmental, agricultural and cultural studies take place in an informal way.

*Please note that the Year 7 & 8 camps are usually held at Chaffey Dam unless unforeseen circumstances occur which preclude this. In this instance, an alternate site is arranged.

6.1.5 Year 9 ODAS

Year 9 students participate in this major two week excursion. The itinerary year involves a flight to Melbourne, several days around Melbourne, travel by ferry to Tasmania and a week touring with numerous exciting and educational activities. The year group is split into two groups with one group undertaking the same trip but in reverse order. This relates closely to the syllabus studied by all students in Years 9 and 10.

6.2 Other Excursions

Other minor excursions are scheduled throughout the year for various year groups. Many of these form part of the curriculum and participation is mandatory. 

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Last reviewed June 2023