7.5 Boarding Fees

Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School is a public school, and therefore tuition, other than for elective subjects, excursions and some extracurricular activities, is provided at no cost to parents.  However, for Boarding Students, there is a cost for Accommodation and Food, which is published on our Boarding Fees page.

7.5.1 Security Bond

A Security Bond deposit is required for new boarding students, which can be used to cover unpaid damages charges or boarding fees. The Bond is $1,000 and is refundable when the student leaves - less any unpaid fees.

7.5.2 Boarding Fee Payments 

In line with the Residential Student Agreement you signed on enrolment, you will be invoiced on a per-term basis for boarding fees, including food.

If this is the student’s first year boarding, you will be invoiced a one-time mandatory security deposit. This will be refunded to you after the student leaves the boarding school, provided there are no outstanding fees or damages.

Invoices will be emailed to you each term and include the various payment methods available. Please monitor your junk or spam folders, particularly if you have not received invoices from us previously.  The invoice has 30-day payment terms and is expected to be paid in full by the due date.

Under certain circumstances, there may be provisions for extending the payment period on the invoice. However, it is important to note that any requests to extend the payment period must be arranged directly with EDConnect, Accounts Receivable. If agreed to, these fees must be paid in full by the final day of the term. Unpaid fees cannot be carried over into the next term.

For returning students, payment towards upcoming invoices can be made using previously provided payment details.

If your account has an outstanding balance, you will be issued a monthly statement indicating payments made and the balance due.

If you have applied for Government assistance to assist with the payment of boarding fees, the fees will still be due and payable whilst your application is under review.
If you have elected to have payment from Centrelink or other third parties paid directly to the school, these payments will be reflected on your monthly statement of account as a payment. The balance of the invoice is still expected to be paid by the due date.

The student’s enrolment may be terminated if fees are not paid within the above guidelines.

 Our accounts team is happy to assist you with any queries regarding your invoice or payment. They can be contacted at 1300 32 32 32 or by email.

7.5.3 Extended Absence

Boarding students absent from School due to illness, accident or a family emergency, for a period greater than two weeks, may be entitled to a pro rata rebate of their boarding fees. 

This rebate is calculated as 40% of the fees payable for the applicable term for the number of full weeks absent, credited to your account to offset future fees. In the event such absence occurs during the last term at school for the student, the credit may be applied to the account of a sibling, or a refund will be provided subject to all outstanding fees having been paid in full. Requests for a rebate must be made using the form Boarding Fees Rebate Application (P.52). Applications for a rebate will not be approved for any boarding fee account that is in arrears.

7.5.4 Early Admission Prepayment

Boarding applicants accepting an early admission offer will be asked to make a prepayment of $1500.00 towards their first term boarding fees.


Last reviewed November 2023

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