4.6 Permission To Drive

Year 11 & Year 12 students with a driver's licence may request permission to drive to and from school.

4.6.1 Permission is subject to colour level;

  • For Year 11, student must be on Silver level or above for the period of Term 1 to Week 5 in Term 4 and/or Bronze level or above for the period of Term 4 Week 6 to the end of the calendar year.
  • For Year 12,  students must be on Bronze level or above.

4.6.2 For the privilege of driving a car to and from school, students must agree to the following terms and conditions;

  • Observe speed limits at all times, particularly within school grounds
  • Park their car in the allocated student parking area
  • Acknowledge that the Department of Education will not accept liability for any loss or damage to the vehicle and/or its contents on school grounds
  • Students with P1 (red P's) licence must abide by the P1 passenger road rules and, when travelling to/from school;
    • Boarding Students may carry sibling passengers
  • Students with a P2 licence (green P's) must abide by the P2 passenger rules, and, when travelling to/from school;
    • Day Students can only have siblings as passengers
    • Boarding Students may carry one passenger and/or sibling passengers
    • Boarding Students are to hand in their keys as soon as they arrive/return to school

    Students who fail to abide by these rules may lose their driving privileges and/or incur more serious consequences.

    4.6.3 To request permission, student MUST meet with the Deputy Principal (Day or Boarding) before submitting their forms for approval.

    The following forms must be completed by the Student and by one Parent/Carer;

    Both forms are also available in the Form Bank and both forms must be received before the student is permitted to drive.

    4.6.4 Disclaimers

    • Drivers are responsible for complying with road rules and exercising care and skill. The school and Department of Education are not liable for the acts or omissions of drivers of private vehicles.
    • Drivers and vehicle owners are responsible to ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy before use. School staff are not required to nor qualified to inspect the condition of private vehicles.

    Last updated March 2024.
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