2.21 School Manual: Discipline Strategies

Strategies to promote good discipline and effective learning at Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School include;

2.21.1 Positive Outcomes 

In order to secure the best possible outcomes for students at Farrer, the school will provide a challenging and appropriate curriculum and effective teaching/learning strategies. Other strategies include ongoing staff training and development, a range of student support and development programs and behaviour management, which encourages self-discipline. 

The school believes that positive outcomes for students can only be achieved through an active partnership between the school, parents/caregivers and the wider community. 

2.21.2 Curriculum 

Both the Junior and Senior curricula offered at Farrer should be appropriate to the students, building on prior knowledge, meeting the needs of individual students and relevant to their interests, needs and levels of ability. The senior curriculum will also reflect the school’s commitment to meeting the needs of individual students by providing for alternative (Pathways eg: Vocational Education and traditional ATAR patterns of study). 

The school will cater for the interests, needs and attitudes of individual students by: - providing a diverse range of opportunities and resources throughout the school - teacher assessment and planning which caters for the needs and learning styles of individual students within each class - providing appropriate support programs and personnel eg. School Counsellor, Social Worker, LaST, integration support, gifted and talented student (G.A.T.S.) programs and leadership programs. 

2.21.3 Teaching and Student Learning 

Classroom teaching and learning is based on the values of respect, excellence and fairness. This is an expectation of both students and their teachers. Emphasis will be placed upon the provision of appropriate teaching and learning strategies to affect the best possible learning outcomes for students, in a safe and caring learning environment. Teachers/students will negotiate fair, clear classroom rules to ensure a positive and consistent atmosphere conducive to student learning and success. Appropriate support programs, including counselling and remediation will be implemented. 

Students’ responsibility for their own learning, self-discipline and responsible decision-making will be emphasised; in a safe, caring learning environment where teaching staff actively praise and reward student effort and model appropriate behaviour. The school will provide a stimulating and secure learning environment by: 

- ensuring classroom activities are appropriate to each student’s level of ability and interest 

- ensuring that all student effort is valued 

- encouraging a positive classroom tone 

- showing students respect and expecting students to respect the rights of others 18

2.21.4 Behaviour Management 

The school will provide programs that develop self-discipline, self-esteem, self-evaluation and communication by: 

- accepting the notion that making mistakes is a normal part of learning and encouraging students to accept this on their way to achieving their goals - developing in students the skills to take responsibility for their actions through the use of such strategies as restitution and mediation 

- including classroom and group learning experiences e.g.: Peer Support, counselling, personal development lessons and programs 

2.21.5 Parent and Community Involvement 

The school is committed to maintain a partnership with its community, including regular liaison and communication with parents and caregivers regarding the academic progress, behaviour and overall development of their students. 

The role of parents in modelling, encouraging and managing the appropriate behaviour of their students as well as showing respect for teaching staff as professional educators is central to our school community relationship. 

Frequent opportunities for the involvement of parents and caregivers will continue to be provided and encouraged in KLA and whole school programs. 

The school will encourage a positive home-school relationship through: 

- discussing when appropriate with parents and students their roles in promoting acceptable student behaviour 

- providing opportunities for two way communication between parents and the school in the form of interviews, information nights, the PT&F and the Farrer Auxiliary - inviting community involvement in decision-making on committees, PT&F and School Council and in other capacities deemed appropriate in the school 

- valuing the diverse cultural background from which the students come

2.21.6 Support Programs 

The school will continue to provide a coordinated array of student wellbeing and student learning programs designed to afford students the best outcomes from their education; and to support students as members of their particular community. 

2.21.7 Communication 

The school will clearly establish and communicate expectations through:

- parent meetings, newsletters and policy documents 

- roles and responsibilities being clearly established and adhered to in the classroom - sending permission notes home for approval 

- rewarding and valuing student effort and success 

- notification of changes in student colour levels 

- notification of OPAL scores 

2.21.8 Staff Training and Development 

Teaching staff will continue their teacher accreditation process in programming, teaching, learning, and classroom and behaviour management to ensure the best possible outcomes for students in the classroom as well as classroom teachers. 

2.21.9 Student Wellbeing Programs

The following list outlines an overview of current student wellbeing support programs available to students: 

Learning and Teaching

  • Achievement registers 
  • Anger Management
  • Anti-discrimination 
  • Anti-Bullying 
  • Band 
  • Behaviour Modification 
  • Careers Education 
  • Child Protection
  • Colour Level System 
  • Conflict Resolution Programs
  • School Counselling 
  • Duty teams 
  • Short-Term Day boy Boarding Discipline Policy 
  • Dorm Parties 
  • Excursions 
  • Farrer Friends 
  • Gifted and Talented Program Homework Centre 
  • Interest Groups 
  • Laundry 
  • RUOK 
  • Residential Supervisors 
  • Staff Mentoring Program Student Mentoring 
  • Medical Centre / “Sick Bay”
  • ODAS 
  • Orientation Camp 
  • Leadership camp 
  • Literacy Group
  • OPALs 
  • Mental Fitness
  • The Rite Journey
  • Prefect Pastoral Care 
  • Peer Learning
  • Prep Tutorial Program 
  • Roll Call Peer Support 
  • Special Needs - LaST, Home School Liaison Officer, Hearing Impairment Support Teacher 
  • Subject Selection Process
  • Sport and Recreation Program 
  • Staff Modelling of Consistent and Caring Behaviour 
  • Staff Training & Development
  • Maths & Reading Group 
  • TAS Workshops 
  • Teaching Learning Programs SLSO’s 
  • Tutorial Parties 
  • University Visits 
  • Learning Support Team 
  • Vocational Education 
  • Year Meetings 
  • Year Lunches 
  • Wellbeing Team 
  • Weekend Detentions 
  • Whole school approach to Literacy

Community Agencies 

  • Aboriginal Men’s Group Community Health 
  • Community Assemblies - ANZAC Day - Battle For Australia District Networks 
  • Farrer Auxiliary 
  • Farrer OLD Boys 
  • Salvation Army 
  • Red Cross 
  • Legacy 
  • Town Sports Competitions 
  • TAS inter-school visit 
  • TAFE 
  • State-wide Sports Comp’s Media Links 
  • Mentor Programs 
  • Morning Teas 
  • Mental Health Team 
  • Newspaper Articles 
  • Newsletter 
  • PT&F 
  • Information Nights 
  • Lion’s Youth of the Year Parent/Teacher 
  • Interviews 
  • Police presentations 
  • Parent sports coaches
  • Work Experience/Careers
  • NSW Youth Parliament
  • SRC, Captains, Prefects State and National 
  • Competitions 
  • Study Skills Days 
  • Training and Development Prefect training 
  • Prefect & Year 12 exit surveys 
  • Training and development of Wellbeing Committee members and year coordinators 
  • Weights Room 
  • Role modeling of school values by residential staff


  • Aboriginal Support 
  • Anti Discrimination Officer Assemblies 
  • Attendance Policy 
  • Behaviour, Suspension  Registers 
  • Camps, Excursions 
  • Case Management 
  • Child Protection
  • Code of conduct, School Rules 
  • Committed staff 
  • Critical incident events 
  • Curriculum Support 
  • Detention System 
  • Dances 
  • Displays of Work 
  • End of Year Prizes 
  • Farrer Farm Sales Days
  • Farm Duties 
  • First in Class Awards 
  • Fundraisers/Charities 
  • Incident Report Procedures
  • Colour Level System 
  • Merit, Reward, Recognition
  • Parent/Teacher Nights 
  • Passive Play Areas 
  • Peer Mediation 
  • School Uniform 
  • Sports Carnivals

2.21.10 Student Achievement, Encouragement, Praise & Reward

At Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School we are proud of the achievements, participation and efforts of our students. Emphasis is given to acknowledging the students’ accomplishments as well as to encouraging improvement and sustained application. 

Recognition of achievement, contribution and excellence is offered in many ways; 


  • Praise, encouragement, compliments 
  • Class awards 
  • Merit 
  • Teacher reports


  • Commendations 
  • Awards of Excellence 
  • Canteen Voucher 
  • Literacy Awards 
  • Millennium letters 
  • Merit 
  • Excellent Classwork 
  • Class Promotion 


  • School Representative 
  • Principal’s Merit Certificate 
  • Recognition on Assembly 
  • Cultural Blues 
  • Sports Awards 
  • Sports Blues 
  • Sportsmen’s Dinners 
  • Colour Level Promotions 
  • Presentation of Colour Badges and Certificates 
  • Pizza Nights 
  • SRC Badges 
  • Reading Tutors 
  • School Honour Board 
  • Canteen Service


  • Prefects’ Induction 
  • Speech Day Awards 
  • National Competition Certificates 
  • Involvement in School Musical 
  • School Newsletter 
  • Local Media Coverage 
  • School Reports 
  • Acknowledgement of Community Service 
  • Agricultural Shows

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