3.0 School Manual: Boarding Operations

The following information is provided for Boarding Students and their Parents/Carers. 

Boarding Operations encompass the following;
3.1 Boarders Daily Routine
3.2 Boarding Organisation
3.3 Preparation (Study)
3.4 Health & Medications
3.5 Boarder Meals
3.6 Boarder Packing List; Personal Requisites

Also see:
Uniform for Boarders on Leave in School Manual section 9.7
Swimming Pool policy in School Manual section 4.7

Miscellaneous boarding policies are published below.

3.0.1 Student Mail

Boarding Students may send or receive mail, per the following process;

Incoming Mail
Students who have mail to be collected will be listed in the Reach announcements, which is also displayed on the screens in the refectory each day.

Mail is to be collected personally (and signed for) at the Administration Office. Students can collect their mail during recess, lunchtime or after school but not during study periods.

Parents are requested to address mail to your son as per the following example;

Joshua Jones (Year 7)

Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School

585 Calala Lane


Outgoing Mail
May be posted at the Administration Office. Postage is at the students cost.

3.0.2 Laundry

Washing is done through the school laundry. All items of linen and clothing must be clearly marked with a laundry marker, iron on labels are not appropriate.  Boarders should purchase two mesh bags (available from the uniform shop) for underwear and socks. A large linen bag for the storage of general washing items is also required.

Students deliver and pick up their laundry on the days nominated in the Boarder Daily Routine for each Year Group. 

3.0.3 Electrical Appliances

Personal electric blankets, heaters, fans and refrigerators not permitted in the dormitories. Prefects are permitted to use their own refrigerators.

3.0.4 Visitors

Our visitors' policy is published in the Boarding section of this website.

3.0.5 Year 12 Boarders during the HSC

Year 12 Boarders staying at the school during the HSC are expected to comply with the rules of the boarding school.  When not in exams the students are expected to study in their dorm room or the library.

Students who do not work productively or who disrupt the day or boarding school will no longer be allowed to reside in the boarding school.

Boarders with outstanding fees will not be permitted to stay in the boarding house until the debt is cleared.

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Updated October 2023
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