3.1 Boarders Daily Routine

The daily routine for Boarders usually follows the schedule below, other than for special occasions or events when it may be varied.

3.1.1 Weekday Routine

6:30am - 7:15am Laundry Clothing to Laundry before breakfast.
Mondays - Year 7
Tuesdays - Years 8 & 9
Thursdays - Years 10, 11 & 12
Early Risers to present to Duty Office in uniform with school bag.

7:00am - 7:15am
Afternoon town leave requests to the Duty Master
Staff open electronic devices lockers.
BREAKFAST It is mandatory for all boarders to attend each meal.
The morning roll is marked in the Refectory prior to breakfast.
Students arriving more than 5 minutes after meal time will be placed on Early Risers.
Students are to move in an orderly fashion to the Refectory.
All students are responsible for setting up and cleaning their meal area.
All students are allocated a seat.
All students must stand for a senior student says Grace.
No student is to leave the Refectory until announcements have been made.
Students with medical appointments will be advised at breakfast to liaise with the Matron.
Students are to return to their dormitories for cleaning teeth, preparing for the day and undertaking inspection.
7:15am - 7:40am Breakfast 1 Year 7, Year 8, Year 11, Year 7 and Year 8 Prefects
7:40am - 8:05am Breakfast 2 Year 9, Year 10, Year 12 Seniors, Year 9 and Year 10 Prefects
INSPECTION Inspection includes;
1. Students: correctly attired in uniform, buttons & ties done up, shoes/boots polished, hair combed, face hands etc. washed and clean; clothing clean, pressed and neat.
2. Dorms: windows open, floors swept or vacuumed, bins emptied, doors open.
3. Beds: Students must use mattress protector, sheets, and make their bed, doonas are allowed neatly over the sheets.
4. Lockers: and gear neat, no unnecessary gear or clothing lying around, towels on bed ends or locker handles, washing in laundry bag.
5. Common Rooms, corridors, verandas are to be swept or vacuumed, clean and tidy, bins empty.

At the conclusion of inspection, students should vacate their dorm, except for Seniors who are permitted to remain until 8:30.
7:55am - 8:40am
Inspection of students and dormitories. (Northcott & Wetherell + Dorm 25 & 26) 25 minutes.
8:10am - 8:35am
Inspection of students and dormitories. (Old Bricks & Gosling) 25 minutes.
All students to have vacated dorms which are then locked.
SCHOOL DAY Note: Students may make Prep bookings at Duty Office, during their breaks in the day
8:55am Bell Roll Call, Reading, Phone collection
9:10am Period 1
10:00am Period 2
10:50am Recess Morning Tea will be distributed outside the Refectory
11:10am Period 3
12:00pm Period 4
12:50pm Lunch 1 Lunch 1 (as for Breakfast 2) 20 minutes. Outside lunch is provided on Tuesdays and Fridays.
1:10pm Lunch 2 Lunch 2 (as for Breakfast 1) 20 minutes.
1:30pm Period 5
2:20pm Period 6
3:10pm Phone Collection
3:15pm Classes finish Boarders may enter dorms to change
3:30pm After Hours Duty Office opens Afternoon detention report to Duty Master
Bookings for Prep must be completed by Duty Master
River or Golf leave students must be on Bronze or higher and report to the Duty Master to be signed out.
3:45pm Students leave dorms (Years 7 - 10) Leisure, training, stock, library or study time.
4:45pm Showers Students may re-enter dorm for evening showers and to prepare for dinner
5:25pm - 5:50pm Dinner 1 Same sittings as at breakfast.
Tuesday night dinner – roast. Good casuals must be worn including a collared shirt, covered shoes, dress shorts, jeans or good trousers. Hoods are not permitted.
5:50pm - 6:15pm Dinner 2
Years 7 - 10 leave dorms & move to prep areas.
STUDY TIME (includes a Supper break for 15 minutes)
6:00pm - 8:15pm Prep Years 7 & 8 leave dorms & move to prep areas, except on their Sport and Rec night.
6:30pm - 9:00pm Prep Year 9 leave dorms & move to prep areas, except on their Sport and Rec night. 
6:30pm - 9:00pm Prep Years 10, 11 & 12 Begin own Prep activities
Night locker inspection (on designated night) - students are to have their lockers, drawers etc. open for a full inspection to see that clothing is neatly stored, properly folded and clean; boots and shoes are polished and stored tidily; no food stuffs are left lying about etc. Beds are to be stripped and fresh sheets/quilt cover placed at the end of the bed. The standards expected are as for normal inspection, but a more thorough check is undertaken.
9:00pm Lights Out Years 7 & 8
9:15pm Lights Out Years 9 & 10
10:00pm Lights Out Year 11
10:30pm Lights Out Year 12 (unless prior arrangement made with Duty Team)

3.1.2 Saturday Routine

7:00am - 7:30am Leave Requests to Duty Master
7:15am Early Breakfast An early breakfast provided for students involved in early sport activities
7:25am - 7:50am Dorm Wake-up Students move to breakfast
7:45am - 8:10am Breakfast Per weekday routine
7:45am Early sporting activities bus departs
8:30am Town Bus departs
9:00am Students Years 7 - 10 leave dorms. Students on detention report to the Duty Office (including students on orange and red level).
ROB* level students report to the Duty Office for morning check.
10:30am ROB* Reporters ROB* Level report
Students may enter Dorms
12:00pm Detentionees dismissed
12:30pm Lunch One continuous sitting
1:00pm Roll Call
1:30pm Students vacate Dorms (Years 7-10) Detentionees & ROB* Level report to the Duty Office.
Footballers may have 15 minutes to shower after their return, then vacate dorms.
Enter dorms for evening showers. Detentionees are dismissed.
5:25pm Dinner One continuous sitting
6:15pm Dinner concludes Canteen opens.
6:30pm Inspection (as per weekdays) Granting of designated leave for Years 11 and 12.
7:00pm Night Activities Locations designated by the Duty Master
8:30pm Supper All students
9:00pm Lights Out Years 7 & 8
9:15pm Lights Out Years 9 & 10
10:00pm Lights Out Year 11
10:30pm Lights Out Year 12

3.1.3 Sunday Routine

7:30am - 8:00am Leave Requests to Duty Master
8:00am Breakfast One continuous sitting
9:00am Dorm Check Thereafter, students may stay in dorms until lunchtime. Detentionees report to Duty Office (including students on brown/orange and red levels).
Enter dorms to prepare for Lunch. Detentionees are dismissed.
12:15pm Lunch One continuous sitting
1:30pm Roll call – centre-lawn Students vacate dorms (Years 7 - 10)
Detentionees to the Duty Office.
1:00pm - 5:00pm Library open
Enter dorms for evening showers. Detentionees are dismissed.
5:25pm Dinner 1 As per weekdays
5:50pm Dinner 2 As per weekdays
6:15pm Chapel All students years 7 - 11 attend on a rostered basis.
6:30pm Dorm Inspection
7:30pm Night Activities As designated by the Duty Master.
8:30pm Supper All students
9:00pm Lights Out Years 7 & 8
9:15pm Lights Out Years 9 & 10
9:30pm Lights Out Year 11
10:00pm Lights Out Year 12

*ROB = Students on colour levels less than green (Red, Orange, Brown)


  • At any time on weekends or of an evening on weekdays the Duty Staff may order a roll call by ringing three bells. On the ringing of three bells all students are to move to the Assembly Area / Centre Lawn area to have their name marked off in Dorm Groups.
  • During wet or extreme weather, students may be permitted to enter dormitories under the direction of the Duty Master.

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